Why is ISIS (or whatever they want to be called this week) bad?

  • Is it because they are Muslim? I don’t even know what “Muslim” means clearly enough to answer that, but I’m going to go with “no” and suggest than anyone who thinks so is probably a bigot, or maybe they just haven’t thought it through.
  • Is it because they kill people, specifically in horrific ways? Arguably, yes, but they’re doing what they believe to be right, right? So who are we to judge other cultures?
  • Is it because they promote theocracy? Yes! Theocracy is the problem’s proper name. It’s also in ISIS’s name: “Islamic State” fits the form, “<description of theistic principle> State”.

Apostasy, blasphemy, and satanism are all legal in the United States; the First Amendment lets us leave religions, speak ill of them, and join up with new stupid ones to our hearts’ content, and this is great! Anyone who disagrees is probably a theocrat, and is inherently at war with me (although I hope it stays a war of ideas). I only “respect” the values of theocrats the way I “respect” a formidable enemy; I will not speak well of them, however. Theocracy is terrible and should be eradicated like any other threat to civilization.

There used to be a lot of theocracy that called itself “Christian”. Now there isn’t. There are still a lot of people that call themselves “Christian”, but it’s one of the most vague words I know, so I’m just going to celebrate the decline in theocracy and not really care what people do when they pray to Jesus.

The problem for Muslims is that we still have a lot of theocracy that calls itself “Islamic”. ISIS is the latest pain point. They’re the kind of vermin who think apostasy, blasphemy, and satanism should be illegal and are willing to kill people for those beliefs. They’re full-blown theocrats, and I hate them for it. This has little or nothing to do with whether someone self-identifies as “Muslim”. The prior probability of being a theocrat is higher if someone self-identifies as “Muslim” rather than “atheist”, but that’s all I can say, and it’s not much. As long as you think that apostasy, blasphemy, and satanism should be legal, then we’re pretty much on the same side here, regardless of what “Muslim” means to you or your family.

I also balk at the term “Jewish State”, but from what I can tell, people who live in Israel have religious freedom, so I’m going to assume this means “Jewish” in the ethnic sense. Whatever, same deal: Jewish theocrats are bad, Jewish non-theocrats are good. Simple.

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