Life Report Card

I haven’t been using a point system for the last several weeks, and I’ve still mostly gone down on the scale. Certain patterns are now ingrained. Others I have bucked and ignored. So for now, I’m just going to focus my point system on things I want to work at improving, not at things I already do.

Also, I’m introducing subjects, like on a report card, and using GPA for grading. I’ll post my BF% and GPA every Monday.

Each subject is independent of each other and represents an area I want to improve, so the points in one subject do not transfer to others:

Sleep (35 points total)

  • Get to bed by the time my phone tells me to (every day, 2pts)
  • Get up, brush teeth by 6a (every day, 3pts)

Fitness (34 points total)

  • Planks before leaving for the gym in the morning (every day, 2pts)
  • Planks after workout (M, W, F, 2 pts)
  • Planks before bed (every day, 2pts)

Education (70 points total)

  • 30 min of audio book queue (every day, 1pt)
  • 30 min of actual book queue (every day, 3pts)
  • 30 min of video queue (every day, 2pts)
  • 30 min of language lesson (every day, 4pts)

Chores (28 points total)

  • Clean room before going to bed (every day, 2pts)
  • Check Trello before lunch (every day, 1pt)
  • Check Trello before dinner (every day, 1pt)
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