Software Engineering is more than a career for me.

It is the language in which I speak to myself about ideas that are just too big.

It is the unfair advantage I enjoy when I try to weigh in on problems from fields of expertise besides my own.

It is a drug that I take to make me feel that the human experience can actually be debugged, that better ways of life are within reach, that I will never exhaust the hope available to me on this earth.

I don’t get bored, I don’t get lonely, I never stop thinking, and I love broad and consistent correctness (which is different from just having to be right all the time). Good people should take power and stay good doing so, but that’s not enough; systems are bigger than people, so lots of good people are wasted on bad systems, but good systems can withstand bad people. Related, it’s possible that my favorite word is science.

Even though I quip that any day that goes by without one getting offended is a day one wastes, I hope the thoughts you read here net you a sense of enjoyment, and I look forward to participating in any good conversations they may inspire.

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