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The Shoulder Rule

I’ve never heard a good name for this rule, so I call it “The Shoulder Rule”. You’ve likely experienced it. Simply, The Shoulder Rule states that you are likely to solve a problem on your computer that has been bugging

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Life Report Card

I haven’t been using a point system for the last several weeks, and I’ve still mostly gone down on the scale. Certain patterns are now ingrained. Others I have bucked and ignored. So for now, I’m just going to focus my point system on

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Accent Reduction Software

Imagine the data he could gather if he asked all his readers to pronounce a selection of the “ten hundred” most commonly used English words!

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Science as Religion

I spoke with a friend this weekend who expressed that Richard Dawkins gives him the impression of advancing science as a religion. My knee-jerk reaction was that I have read and heard enough Dawkins to know that he tries very hard to

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I read a lovely paper on patents today, by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine. The following excerpt specifically engaged me: We do believe, along with many of our colleagues, that a patent system designed by impartial and disinterested economists and administered by

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My Three Questions

My friend Josh made my day yesterday by quoting me in a forum discussion about science and religion. I have constructed a series of three questions to use in such debates (well, not so much “debates” as friendly conversations; they can be

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